Crash and Burn

Gotta Get A Hold On Things...

Life has been a little out of hand and the decision to get control of things is foremost in your mind.  You've been carting around a few extra pounds and your general state of health hasn't been what you'd like. It could be those stops at the pub on the way home have been on the increase and the pounds are piling on.  Or, recovering from a surgery has given you some slack time to sit and your weight has begun to climb.  Whatever the reason, the answer to the problem seems to lie in dieting to rid the body of excess weight.

A quick assessment shows that by going on an extreme diet a person can lose ten pounds in ten days.  Why not?  The faster, the better. 

Not So Fast

Hold on there, Friend.  While it's true that a healthy body weight is useful for longevity and a good life, losing weight on a crash diet may increase the chances of inducing the burn of a swollen joint.  How is that?  Crash dieting, another word for quick weight loss, can jolt the body's system enough to upset the balance of uric acid in the blood.  Should this happen, the potential for gout is increased.  A gout flare is the result of inflammation caused by uric acid crystals present in joint tissues and/or synovial fluid.  Uric acid is a naturally occurring substance which is the result of the bodily process of digestion.  These waste products are generally removed through urine.  When there is too much uric acid in the blood, crystals form and lodge in joint areas, primarily in the big toe - although it can be present in other joints as well.  In a gout attack, the joint suddenly manifests a burning pain accompanied by redness and swelling.  It can take anywhere from several days to weeks before the pain and swelling are gone and a medical professional should be advised of the condition immediately.

What Should I Do?

All this from crash dieting?  It is possible, yes.  Certainly it is wise to control body weight and ensure you're getting enough exercise.  If you have experienced a flare of gout as a result of dieting, perhaps consulting with a professional to develop a well-balanced diet which will work best for you and your lifestyle is a consideration.  Drinking plenty of water is one good way to help flush uric acid from the body.  Your health care provider can recommend dietary changes which will enhance your health and give you added protection against any future gout attacks.

Who would have thought a crash diet could leave a person burning?