What Causes Gout?

Who Gets Gout and Why?

What causes joints to swell up, stiffen your movements, and shoot pain through your limbs? In other words, what causes gout?

Gout is generally caused by a high level of uric acid in your blood — a condition known as hyperuricemia.  You can get high levels of uric acid in blood from eating to much refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. This build up of sugar in the blood can be the trigger which leads to a bout of gout.  But it is important to note that not everyone with hyperuricemia will develop gout and not all gout outbreaks are rooted in hyperuricemia. Find out if you are at a risk of developing gout by reading our Gout: Who's at Risk article.

Gout Irritants

Learn more about the many causes of gout and find out how your diabetes can affect your gout.  Also learn about what sort of diet can irritate or help your gout and get the facts about fructose and gout flareups.  By knowing the most you can about what causes your gout attacks you can then do the utmost possible to protect yourself from future gout attacks.  Get control over your gout attacks and find out more about how you can take back your life and begin to live without pain. 

Also learn more about gout in specific populations such as about gout and women and about how gout can even affect children. Find out more about what can be done to prevent this painful conditon in people so young because no child should ever have to suffer from the pain of a gout attack.

Find out how you can put an end to your gout attacks by learning more now!